Monday, 30 March 2009

Ready... Get Set...

I must admit, I'm a little nervous setting up this blog. I can't help wondering if blogging is old hat now - everyone's got one, everyone feels they've got something to say to the world, so what makes this one any different? I suppose the only answer I can give in response to that question is that there are so many people unhappy and unfulfilled in their jobs or career paths that it really is quite saddening to see. Many people want to change something, but don't know how; others have an idea what they'd like to do, but hesitate to make the first step. Lots of people are fearful or unsure, and just when they plucked up the courage to make even the tiniest first step, the recession arrived like a hurricane and demolished the hopes and dreams of many who now feel that, given the state of the economy and the uncertainties in the job market, they would be foolish, perhaps even selfish, to pursue the career that really is right for them. I don't agree. There is never a "good" or "right" time to change career for many people, but I don't agree that we must doom ourselves to unhappy or unfulfilling lives because of it.

So, this is a web diary of my attempt to change career, and most unfortunately my only opportunity to date for doing so came when the credit crunch was in full swing. But if I manage to persuade one person that tough economic circumstances are no bar to changing career, then I will have achieved something.
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