Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Final article published today

I cheered up considerably this morning on learning that my "Ten of the Best..." article had finally been published in today's newspaper. It actually managed to distract from the fact that I've been rejected for so many accountancy jobs, including the ones I visited for a job interview. I immediately sat up in bed using my iPhone to email all the PR departments of the companies I contacted to use pictures and details of their products for my "Ten of the Best..." article; within an hour they had all kindly emailed me back saying they'd seen it in the paper and thanked me for my work.

So that was the final result of my fortnight's newspaper work experience: wrote 5 articles, had 4 published (the fifth one was subsumed into my editor's much longer - and more interesting - article), edited about 10+ freelancers' articles, and typed up 2 interview transcripts, not to mention the hours of research for some of the articles I wrote or had to edit. Think I did pretty well.

Changing career for anyone isn't exactly a bed of roses, more so in a recession; but hopefully now I can build on what I've done.

(I just wanted to include this picture of a bed of roses to be honest. Sorry!)
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  1. Congratulation! Yes, you did very well indeed. And good luck in the future job hunting :)

  2. Thanks ever so much for your comments ladies! Your support means a lot to me. x

  3. It sounds like a relatively good experience, I think you did great.
    I am very happy for you, congratulations.

  4. That was an awesome experience. Who knows what great places it'll take you! I hope you got some rest afterwards.

  5. Hi SquirrelQueen and Cheryl!

    Thanks ever so much for your comments. Rest assured that I got plenty of rest afterwards :-)

  6. Excellent news - good for you! Good work getting those calls done too - nothing like forging relations to keep yourself noticeable.

    Good luck with any more forthcoming interviews you've got coming up. Don't give up and keep giving it your best shot. Something just right for you may be right round the corner!

    Do you think you prefer journalism now to finance?